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Apr 25 '12

Bristol-based writer looking for comic artist

Bristol-based writer Daniel Humphry has been in touch and is looking for comics artists to illustrate some of his scripts. Here’s what Dan is after:

"I’ve a series of about 6-10 scripts for one page comic stories, to be submitted to major publishers for consideration in both anthologies and magazines. I’d be happy to work with more than one artist and I see this as a real opportunity to start collaborations with talented folk that could carry on to much larger projects down the line.

The stories themselves are darkly humorous, generally told over 5-8 panels, with a simple ‘slice-of-life’ construct and a twist at the end. One publisher likened them to the sketches in Chris Morris’ Jam series. Which made me blush. The type of art I’m looking for would have to reflect that, but nothing too obscure or overly fine-art, but simple black and white illustrations along the lines of a Clowes or Tomine. This is more to do with what is easy to pitch rather than personal taste.

I wouldn’t look to interfere with the artists too much after agreeing a style/layout either as I’m very much aware that the visuals are their expertise and not mine.
Finally, I’m only looking for serious parties as I have early interest from publishers and don’t want to be showing them lay outs one day and have the artist drop out the next. All experience levels are welcome though! With regards to remuneration, I’ll happily sign to a pre-agreed percentage split of any profits made from sold submissions.”

He’s looking to get started straight away, so if you’re interested, get in touch! He can be reached at: danhumphry at gmail dot com

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