Bear Pit

Aug 10 '12

Announcing the Bristol Comic and Zine Fair 2012

Bear Pit Zines presents…
Bristol Comic and Zine Fair
Downstairs at Cafe Kino.

Sunday 23rd September 2012.

12pm -6pm

The Bristol Comic and Zine Fair returns for a second year to celebrate the world of DIY publishing.

The Fair brings together  brilliant artists, writers and makers from across Bristol and further afield for a one-day market. There’ll self-published zines, homemade comics, handmade books, alternative publications and all things in-between on offer.

Come along and meet creators,  be inspired, and pick up great art and writing at affordable prices!

How to get a table

We are currently offering half tables (around 3 feet) to self-publishers, zine makers and comics artists. There will also be a communal table for makers with only one or two items to sell.

If you are interested in exhibiting at Bristol Comic and Zine fair, please email us with a brief statement about yourself and your work, and links to images or your website*.

The deadline for applications is 5pm Wednesday August 29th 2012

*please note that as space is limited we will not be able to guarantee all applicants a table space.

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